How to Create Visually Appealing Content for Your Brand

Did you know that over 60 percent of social media uploads and shares contain an image or a video? That’s right; visual content dominates the internet. Therefore, if you want your marketing material looked at, commented on, and shared around the web, then it better be pleasing to the eyes. Here are several pointers for making your brand’s online marketing content visually stunning and highly clickable:

Use Eye-Catching Photographs

Perhaps the easiest way to grab attention online is to use an attention-grabbing photograph. These are easy to distinguish for just about anyone. When your brand resorts to using stock images, make sure the images are not widely seen elsewhere on the web. The best way to create breathtaking photographs is to take them. Instagram pics are a great source of visual content. When using any photograph, make sure it is relevant to the content of the article. Otherwise, you would just be creating a visual version of clickbait and would get penalised by webmasters.

Present Information in Digestible Formats

Have an infographics creation strategy to present complex information in bite-sized packets that easily appeal to viewers. The average web users rarely spends more than 5 minutes on an article. Therefore, if an article is longer than 500 words, it’s best to offer a visual component that compels the visitor to keep in reading. Visual tools are particularly useful for very long article. They can act like summary tables that quickly deliver the gist of the article to the reader. This tactic is best suited for B2B content.

Offer Highly Consistent Visuals

Don’t use photographs on one web page and comic drawings on the other. Visual consistency is important for retaining the images’ appeal to the target audience. Therefore, use an image filter to make pictures look alike. Similar visuals are very convenient for delivering branded messages on social media, especially Instagram. Maintain consistency of visuals across your websites and throughout social media profiles.

Choose Theme Colours

For branded content, maintaining consistency, as mentioned above, could help users instantly recognize your brand and the content it produces. Therefore, choose a set of colours or a colour theme for all the visual content you offer. Most of the times, the colours are based on the company’s logo, see WME Group’s website.  Themed colours can help your company’s brand awareness campaign.

Size Matters

Don’t use oversized or undersized images, because it would cancel out what you hope to achieve with visual content. Size does matter when it comes to photographs. Before cropping or enlarging any photo, think about how it will look on a website, app, or the mobile site. Usage of photos should correspond with mobile responsiveness. Don’t use images that are too large to load for a user’s screen and don’t use undersized images that a targeted customer has to strain to spot.

Add Video

Not all visual content is static, if you want to increase engagement or interactive-ness of a certain activity, then visual stimulation is a must. Videos are the best when it comes to promoting a product. There is so much visual content you can add with video, so don’t overlook this crucial tool.

Use the above tips to create stunning visuals that are like a feast for the eyes. The better the pictures are, the more engaged the target audience will be.


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