How to Reverse Low Traffic and Low Conversion Rate of a Website

Is the conversion rate of your online store too low or not as you want it to be? Here are several tips that will help your brand and e-store boost the conversion rate and attract more traffic:

Publish New and Up-to-Date Content

Content marketing is an important aspect of attracting traffic. However, if you keep reissuing old content, then the traffic numbers will not be as high as you hope. Customers trust sites with content that is regularly updated. For example, if your online store is accompanied by a blog, the blog must have a recently published post no older than a week. Content should also be unique and highly optimised to attract the right type of traffic. Work with a local digital agency Australia to polish your content marketing strategy to improve incoming traffic.

Tell Visitors What to Do

When your visitors first see the online store, it should be obvious to them what to do: buy a product. There shouldn’t be any misunderstandings regarding the purpose of the site. If you want customers to make purchases, then it should be blatantly obvious how to do so. Most retail websites prominently show shopping cards and “buy” buttons so customers are not confused about how to make a purchase. Telling visitors what to do is the best way to get them to take an action on your website.

Avoid the Paradox of Choice

The paradox of choice refers to a psychological concept where when people are presented with many choices, then choose nothing. If they have only one choice, then there’s no deciding to do about what to do. Adopt this theory when selling stiff online. If you give your visitors too many choices, they will do nothing and leave. Offer them one thing to buy, and they will buy it because there are no grueling decisions to make.

Eliminate Obstacles to Making the Final Purchase

How many fields should a customer fill out when they place an order? The ideal answer should be as few as possible. The more steps there are to complete to confirm an order, the less likely customers are going to actually complete the process. Therefore, eliminate all unnecessary fields when ordering items. If possible, enable autofill for fields with information customers have already provided.

Don’t Mix Up Purchases with Sign Ups

While it’s understandable that you would want interested visitors to become email list subscribers or blog followers, don’t combine these processes with the purchase process. If a visitor wants to make a purchase, never force them to sign up for anything or provide their email address to you. That will almost always end up in a non-purchase. Separate the purchase process from everything else on the website. Find other ways to add email list subscribers or blog followers.

Offer Incentives

Incentives would of course compel people to make purchase from you. Incentives could be in the form of discounts, bundle offers, and so on. The most compelling incentive for Aussie buyers right now is free shipping. If free shipping is available, which means no transportation fees, prospective customer would be more likely to choose your online store over a competitor’s.

Implement one or two of the above tips and you will soon see an uptick in conversion rates as well as traffic.

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