Tips for Creating a Great Ecommerce Marketing Strategy

If you’re reading this article then you either have an ecommerce store up and running or are considering it. Either way, you understand the importance of having a sound marketing plan. Marketing is undeniably one of the toughest aspects of running any business. Simply put, marketing is a form of communication that’s designed to put your business and its offerings in good light. It helps you:

  • Spread awareness of your brand
  • Speak effectively to your target demographic
  • Turn leads into customers
  • Maintain the loyalty of your existing customers…etc.

That being said, marketing is never a replacement for a good service or a product. It is a tool that helps you enhance your operations.

So how do you construct a good marketing strategy for your ecommerce store? You might be aware of the common tactics that employ social media and SEO. These are no doubt essential to any marketing plan. That being said, in this article, we’re going to detail 3 tips that are sometimes overlooked by ecommerce entrepreneurs:

Understand the Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey is the steps an individual takes before becoming a customer. There are three main steps in the typical buyer’s journey:

  1. Awareness – the individual is aware that he/she is experiencing a problem but does not know what exactly it is.
  2. Consideration – the individual has pin-pointed on what the problem is and is now researching potential solutions.
  3. Decision – the individual has now arrived on a preferred solution and is ready to purchase it from a vendor.

By looking at your own business model, you could write out your typical buyer’s journey with more details.

But why is this important? Knowing which steps potential customers will take helps you to meet them there and guide them to the next one. When people are in awareness and consideration stages, they’re considering multiple ecommerce stores and not just yours. So, using careful marketing tactics, you can help customers identify their problems and what solutions they need to utilize. This way the customer will end up trusting your brand more than the others.

Invest in a great Ecommerce Platform

If your head is brimming with great marketing campaign ideas then you’ll need a way to execute them well. That’s why investing in a great ecommerce platform like Magento is important. You’ll have the means to implement promotions and analyze their results with incredible ease. Having seamless and intuitive social media integration is a must for any business these days. You can track how potential customers reach your store after seeing your advertisements.

If you’ve never attempted it before, setting up Magento can be a bit tough. Therefore, we strong suggest that you hire a suitable Magento development expert to help you out with it.

Create a Content Marketing Strategy

People love consuming content, whether they’re memes or informative blog posts. You can use this to your advantage by coming up with content that attracts customers to your ecommerce store. For example, let’s say you sell yoga mats in your store. You can write an informative blog post about how yoga is very effective for distressing and link it to your website. When a person who’s actively looking for a way to eliminate stress comes across your blog post, he/she may consider starting yoga and in turn may think about buying a yoga mat.

Not all content will resonate with everyone. Consider your buyer’s journey and make content that appeals to potential customers at each of the three stages.

We trust that these tips will help you construct a solid foundation when it comes to ecommerce marketing. Keep at it and you’ll definitely see results very soon.

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