A Must-Have Website Essentials List

We all live in a fast-paced world. In order to be in a dead heat with other businesses out there, you need to constantly improve. If not, you’d be left behind. If you’re a new player in the business sector, you have to let other people know about your business.

To do that, set up a website where you can highlight your product or service properly. Make sure to include all the details as well as pictures that can help attract the people who are visiting your website to buy the product or service you offer. When you decide to have a website, don’t miss out on including the following website essentials.

CTA or Call-To-Action

A CTA or call-to-action button prompts your website visitors to make an action. There are many CTAs you can place on your website, such as event promotion, form submission, lead generation, product or service discovery, read more, social sharing, and many more. On the other hand, you can’t just say words like “click here” and place all buttons everywhere. It requires hard work and you have to understand your audience more.


SEO or search engine optimization is yet another essential you need to have on your website. It plays a key role in giving you higher visibility. Many brands are aware that they need SEO as they’d benefit a lot from it. If you have SEO, you’d have been able to build trust and credibility, increase conversion and engagement, and understand the web, among others. Look for a dependable SEO agency that can help with all your SEO needs.

Social Media

Once you have a website, make sure to link all your social media accounts. You can make it happen by including social media accounts or putting your social media links on a page. The same thing goes for your social media accounts so the visitors can find you easily.


Using the right keywords can help your website to rank higher. Perform keyword research to know which topics captivate the audience more. As soon as you’re done with it, give your full attention to one keyword or keyword phrase per page. You can make use of free keyword tools like Keywords Everywhere.


A website needs to have quality content. Without it, it’s useless. To get the maximum SEO benefit, your blog should be registered under a domain blog, and not via a free blogging service, like blogger.com. When you have a blog, you’d get to build your business as an expert in your industry. Also, if your blog has PR or page rank, there’s a higher earning potential. You can earn from Google Ad Sense or Affiliate Marketing.

Live Chat

Some people are lazy. They don’t want to navigate through your website anymore. So, to make it easier for them, have a live chat option on your website. AI or Artificial Intelligence has made this feature possible for businesses of all sizes.

Besides this list, you may need to have “About Us” section and search for your website.

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