Link building and understanding its value

Search engine optimisation or SEO is a combination of digital marketing techniques that can help in increasing the online visibility of a website on the search engine result pages. Most businesses aim at increasing search ranking visibility, especially getting on page one of the search results. A successful SEO strategy consists of three major pillars namely technical SEO, On page SEO and Off page SEO.

Technical SEO means to optimise the website’s code and structure. Many brands look for services offered by various agencies so that experts can take care of link building. If you’re looking for a Perfect Link Building Company Australia to successfully carry out your link building activities and to bring the webpage of your brand on top of SERPs – you can get in touch with

A link or a hyperlink can be the connection between two pages on the internet. With the help of links, you can refer people to a page, blog post or to various other objects on the web. A link consists of various sections. All these elements work together and each part has specific functions within the link such as:

Start of the Link: The first part of the link is known as anchor tag. It opens the link tag and carries the information to the search engine that a link to another page would follow soon.

Referral Location of the Link: The ‘ahref’ stands for ‘hyperlink referral’. It indicates the URL to which the link is referring. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a webpage. It can also be an image, PDF or a different file for download.

Anchor text or Visible Text: The anchor text is a portion of the text that website users can see. The users need to click on this text to open the link and it is usually blue in colour and underlined. This informs the users that the link is clickable – it is known as anchor text. Anchor text has two main purposes; it describes more information about the linked page and invites people to click. If a link has anchor text that is relevant, it has two advantages:

  • More clicks would lead to direct traffic
  • It can help the search engines understand what the page is all about possibly leading to more traffic from search engines.
  • However, you cannot control the anchor text used by other people to link to your website but you can use a relevant anchor text for the internal website links. When requesting links from partners, it is worth considering what the anchor text should be.

Closure of the Tag: This would indicate to the search engines about the ending of the link tag. Search engine robots follow links to identify new pages on the internet. This is known as ‘crawling’. Once a search engine has ‘crawled’ a webpage, it would extract the content and add it to their index. When this process is going on, the search engine can decide if a webpage is of good quality to be well ranked for relevant keywords. When search engines decide this, they do not just look at the content of the page but also look at the links pointing towards the webpage from external websites and the quality for those external websites. The more high-quality websites get linked to your website, the higher would your website rank in search engine results. This is where the role of link building comes in.

Link Building and why it Matters!

Link building can be the process of acquiring links from other websites to your own website. It is important as it is a big factor in how search engines rank web pages. If numerous high-quality links lead to a specific website, search engines would consider it relevant and consider the website higher. For easier understanding, the link can be a positive vote. The more such votes you have, the more the website is ranked in a better way. But it’s very important that the votes come from well-ranked websites as well.  The search engine takes this into consideration to make sure that the people do not achieve the highest rankings by spamming low quality website links. Bad link building procedures can lead to punishment by the search engine leading to decreased rankings on search engines.

How to Build Links

There is a right way and wrong way to build links for your website. If you’re looking for long-term results of your website and business, it would be best to stay away from shady techniques like buying links. Let’s take a look at a few link building strategies.

  • Valuable content needs to be created that can be interesting or beneficial for people to link to. You can find out the target audience and the type of content they are interested in. You can then start writing and sharing content.
  • Prepare and publish a press release.
  • Get links from relevant partners of whom you do business with or have a tie-up with.
  • You can also consider hiring a specialist that can help you in constructing and executing a successful link building strategy. Read articles that provide more insight into link building and its importance. Link building can be a confusing topic. However, if it is done correctly, you can have amazing results for your website traffic and search engine rankings.

Can Links be Valuable?

Consider going through the following criteria to find out which links are valuable:

Trusted Source: Make sure that you get links from a trusted source. It is always better to avoid spammy links from manipulative domains including the domains that have been penalised by the search engines in some way or the other.

Relevant Source: It is always better to find links and add to your website only if it is from a relevant source, especially if it belongs to the same niche market of your website.

Number of Links on the Page: If you have fewer number of high-quality links on the page, linking to your website, more value would be placed on your link. It can be included as a feature to the webpage.

Sends Traffic: The ideal link can passranking value from one website to another but can also send relevant and targeted traffic to your website.

Links and link building is very critical for those who would love to succeed online. They can be more valuable than they have been before and they can be harder to build when compared to initial days of technological advancement. Other criteria may include the following: if the link is reciprocal or whether it is a harder link to acquire. If the link is harder to acquire, the quality of that link can be higher. No one would be willing to provide you a high-quality link easily.

The quantity of a link can benefit your website in various ways. The more quality links you have, the better it is for the website. Also, if you link to a high-quality website, you might get good traffic and more customers from the website. This would help in increasing the overall profit and rankings of your website. Most links may not be good. However, if you are able to maintain the quality of links and can grow the links, you will be on the right track. A perfect link building company in Australia like can help you by offering you their expert Backlinking Services Australia!

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